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Welcome To Sugandh Shoppe Pvt. Ltd.

Franchisee offer
  • Sugandh Shoppe is a franchisee to open retail outlets.
  • It is the first concept introduced in entire India to open Franchisee retail outlets of religious product
  • One can find all products related to Pooja and Fragrance under one roof i.e. "One Stop Shop For Pooja & Fragrance".

  • Today Religious Product especially like Incense/Agarbatti Industry in India is about 1000cr Industry. It is growing at the rate of 7% P.a. .
  • Use of Incense : India – Worship, Overseas Ambience creation/Aromatherapy
  • Trend is very important and Sugandh Shoppe has positioned this unorganized sector into well established organized retail format.
  • Retailing today is not only about selling at the shop, but also about surveying the market, offering choice and experience to consumers, competitive prices and retaining consumers as well.
  • At Sugandh Shoppe customers has a multiple choices under one roof and that is only for Pooja and Fragrance related product.
  • Low cost investment.
  • Now higher education qualification is required .
  • A huge opportunity beacon us.

  • The Location should be a commercial Market Place or any renowned religious place
  • Any main road should pass from that particular Shoppe.
  • Total Population of the Town/ City should be at least Three lakh and above.

  • Need to have a shop of at least 125sq, ft.area in a commercial or residential cum commercial locality & whose front width should be at least ten feets Wide.
  • Your shop distance should be at least 3-5km. away from any other "SUGANDH SHOPPE" , existing in your locality.
  • Need to make interior decoration of shop as per company specifications. Architects and contractors appointed by Sugandh Shoppe Pvt Ltd would do interiors, with complete furniture and fixture. In case the franchisee wants to get the interiors done on his own, he/she is free to do so. BUT, it has to be done according to the specifications and designs provided by us.
  • One should install following Accessories in Sugandh Shoppe & whose cost will be as per market rate
        Computer, Printer & Barcode Scanner
        UPS Inverter
  • One should install internet connection for the purpose of keeping in touch with company administration because our all Franchisees are connected with E.R.P software.
  • The Franchisee holder would get the stock of "SUGANDH SHOPPE" products.

Terms and conditions of the company
  • The Franchisee holder is abiding to sell products of only Sugandh Shoppe Pvt. Ltd.
  • Timings of shop would be specified by the company & Franchisee holder is abide to it
  • The Franchisee holder needs to sign an agreement with SUGANDH SHOPPE, where all other essential Terms & conditions would be mentioned.

Responsiblities of company administration
  • First three months of the business is given for supervision & Analysis of sales.
  • The company will provide a minimum guarantee in case of losses suffered by the franchisee holder & It would last up to six months from the date of opening of Shoppe.
  • The company Administration will provide you absolute co-operation from its side such as advertisements in the form of Hoardings, cable Ad vs., Pamphlets, Door to Door Marketing, etc.
  • Provide wide publicity and brand promotion through advertisements in print and electronic Media
  • The company administration will bear all the subsidiary expenses of various taxes (such as VAT, Octrai etc.) & Transportation costs etc for Maharashtra. Outside Maharashtra , Local taxes beared by party and Transportation cost will be on 50 - 50 basis.
  • Provide software, billing material and packing material with brand name and logo
  • Training and modernization of the staff and equipment from time to time.
  • Ejection option to franchisees in case of poor business even after one year of establishing the franchise, for reasons that are beyond the control of the franchisee and except for the reasons of mismanagement and poor business ethics
  • Franchisee can give up the franchise after one year of starting the business. Sugandh Shoppe Pvt Ltd will take back all the stocks and pay the value to the franchise owner. However, the value of furniture, fixtures and computers would be calculated after deducting a depreciation of 20 per cent on their initial value for each completed year.
"Something's are always near to God"
Copyright (C) 2014 Sugandh Shoppe Pvt Ltd.
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